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Jiangsu Chenyang Textile Machinery Corporation Limit,Located in Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou Ecoomy Denenstration Area,is specialzed in machinery manufacturing over twenty years.It is the one of the main manufactures that product complete set of blowing equipment.
Using technology of CAD, the company acguired breach on ameliorate of old products,research and development of new products.The advantage,credibility and convenience are embodiment completed.
The company now possesses many advanced machine equipment such as Nc machine, Nc metal-cutting etc,to ground a massiness base for manu facturing polish equiment.By the manufacturing and widey distributed and sold in over 20 provices/cities in China.
The company has formed a complete,high efficiency net work that sales and sales-afler,techinal consultation.Moreover the company offers tailor-made design and service to meet customer needs.

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